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'''Sharon Van Etten''' (born February 26, 1981) is an United States|American singer-songwriter from New Jersey.
Birth nameSharon Van Etten
Birth date{{Birth date and age|1981|02|26|mf=yes}}{{cite web|last=Davison|first=Jeffrey|title=Live Session with Sharon Van Etten and Heather Woods Broderick|url=|work=WFMU: Shrunken Planet with Jeffrey Davison: Playlist from February 11, 2012]|accessdate=February 21, 2014|format=in-studio|date=February 11, 2012}}
Birth placeClinton, New Jersey, United States
OriginBrooklyn, New York, United States
Death date
Death place| genre = Indie rock, Folk music|folk, folk rock
InstrumentVocal, guitar, piano, Percussion instrument|percussion, omnichord, Pump organ|harmonium
Years active2007 – present
LabelJagjaguwar, Ba Da Bing Records|Ba Da Bing, Language Of Stone
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